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IOKOI - Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self

While the EP is being released in digital formats, TALES OF ANOTHER FELT SENSE OF SELF is also a multisensory work combining audio, video, a book of 208 pages and a room scent.

In collab w/

Michele Foti
Klara Ravat
Sarah Parsons
Nella Lombardi


march 26, 2021
Label: -OUS

Audio, Book, Scent
ThreeThree EditionsEditions

«To get physical through all the senses and to embrace the other is needed now more than ever. This is the feeling I wanted to translate into sound: raw, intimate, transitional, cleansing and moving. Breathing, embracing and releasing life in all of its facets - imperfect, impermanent, incomplete.» MM


Picture Credits: Sabine Burger