The WIRE review

"With a similar sense of dreamy discombobulation to that of the preceding release Liquefy, TALES OF ANOTHER FELT SENSE OF SELF replaces downbeat mood wth a taut energy. Even during the sections of low-key introspection, such as the ruminative piano of "Bloody Life", the record never lags - your attention's always held by the feeling that something sinister is about to happen. The tension reaches its pinnacle on the final track "SOS" where IOKOI (aka Zurich sound artist Mara Miccichè) repeats a layered, robotic vocal, gradually increasing intensity and anxiety like a computer trying to persuade its operator to rethink pulling the plug."

Spenser Tomson writer and editor on Electronics, The WIRE

A closer listen, Spring Music Preview 2021

"The always fascinating IOKOI outdoes herself on Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self, releasing the album with a 208-page book of stills and fragments, along with a vial of scent. Field recordings, piano and spoken word create an atmosphere of mysery."

Richard Allen

Magazinesixty review

"Where to begin is a good place to start. This sound clash of creative genius is as energising as it is out there. Strung together in a never ending stream of evocative/ provocative consciousness the artist known as Mara Miccichè funnels her voice over emotive piano signatures in beautifully illuminating ways on Bloody Life. Whereas, Stainless-Still channels the thought of Throbbing Gristle into 2021 full of crazed effects amid a lifetime unseen. Effective Tension, then plugs the listener directly into the electronic mainframe with sizzling results, leaving the brutal intensity of SOS to complete with the realisation that you have just witnessed something really rather wonderful. Undefinable and yet so human. The release in complimented by a series of outstanding videos by Michele Foti."

Greg Fenton

Boomkat review

"In five succinct steps she wraps up the listener in tip-of-tongue tones and plasmic textures, piquant but mercurial arps and hyperreal environmental sounds, with her vocals alternating between elusive and close presence. The sound design is exquisite, each track demonstrating a fine awareness of space and texture and extra-sensory perception that teases the senses with an exceedingly careful, layered suss and sleight of hand. Of course, until “they” invent a scratch’s sniff digital format, you’ll have to imagine what olfactory artist Klara Ravat (ES/DE) puts into the project, but close immersion will surely stimulate the senses to highly unusual degrees." specialist, independent online record store

Do Avatars Dream of Real Life?

“Many of us, especially in a socially-distanced pandemic era, spend so much time online that it can feel as though our day-to-day life is conducted «there»: In a virtual world outside of our bodies. That’s why IOKOI’s project, Tales of Another Felt Sense of Self, feels particularly relevant now. The zeitgeist pop project of sound artist Mara Miccichè, IOKOI, claims to «research the very essence of who and what we are as we face increasing disembodiment in the digital age». Researching the essence of who and what we are might sound ineffable enough, but the issue of disembodiment in the digital age feels alarmingly immediate.”

Lisa Blanning writer and editor on music, art and culture